2006 Ford 6.0 Powerstroke Starts Hard In The Morning

13th Nov 2018

Q. I’ve recently purchased a 2006 Ford powerstroke f350, and it ran great the first few months.when fall hit and it started getting cold It started having trouble starting the first time I would start it in the day, had to give it pedal and the engine makes a like puff noise and it runs very rough until it warmed up. It would start right up the rest of the day with no issue, then I’d have the same trouble starting it the next day. Now I can’t even get it started no matter how long I try. It cranks and cranks and cranks. - Jacob

A. The first thing I would check is the FICM voltage.  It should be roughly 48 volts at all times.  If it drops more than 2 volts at start up, replace it.  If that checks out I would do a test of the glow plug system to make sure it's operating correctly.  Also a check of all diagnostic trouble codes stored may be helpful too.