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Engine Rebuild Kits

If it's time to refresh your Ford 7.3 Powerstroke diesel engine, we have high quality rebuild kits to help you complete your overhaul.  We have OEM or better quality components for your rebuild such as standard and oversize pistons, rings, bearings, and gasket kits.

There are two different types of rebuild kits.  The first is a "rering" kit.  This kit would reuse the pistons you already have.  It includes new piston rings to restore the seal in the cylinders.  They also come with new bearings, gaskets, and seals to refresh the rest of the engine.  These kits are used when an engine needs refreshed and the cylinders are in good shape not requiring boring. 

If the cylinders have too much wear, they will need bored and you will need a full rebuild kit that includes new pistons. Your machine shop will measure the bore and tell you how much they need to bore the cylinders to remove the wear or damage.  The standard sizes to bore the cylinder out are .10, .20, .30, or .40 over stock.  Oversize pistons are the same price as stock usually.

If you have any questions on what you need to rebuild your engine or need a custom solution put together please give us a call.